MARKET REPORT: Shares bounce back as central banks cut interest rates

Markets regained steam as traders pinned their hopes on other central banks following the US example and cutting interest rates. Investors initially balked at the Federal Reserve’s shock move on Tuesday to make the first emergency cut to rates since the financial crisis. The measure was intended to combat the effects of the rapidly spreading … Read more

Genesis stars Phil Collins, Tony Banks, and Mike Rutherford are seen for FIRST TIME since reunion

Genesis stars Phil Collins, Tony Banks and Mike Rutherford posed up at BBC Radio 2 on Wednesday as they were seen for the first time since announcing their reunion tour. The iconic musicians, all 69, looked delighted as they posed with host Zoe Ball ahead of their first interview since reuniting as a trio – … Read more

FCA warns banks to play fair in switch from Libor to Sonia

The financial watchdog has warned banks it will be watching like a hawk to ensure they play fair, as they shift businesses and borrowers from the discredited Libor interest rate. A senior Financial Conduct Authority director told This is Money that if it sees problems with banks it will ‘challenge hard’ and ‘intervene’, to reassure … Read more

STEPHEN GLOVER: Why should greedy banks be allowed to make us all go cashless?

Estimates vary but it’s widely predicted that Britain is well on the way to becoming a cashless society, and could reach that state within ten to 15 years. Has the public been consulted? No. Is the Government showing signs of concern about the millions of people who would struggle to cope with a cashless society? … Read more