Climate: Arctic summer sea ice is at its twelfth lowest extent on record, NASA reveals 

Arctic summer sea ice is at its twelfth lowest extent on record, dropping to 1.82 million square miles in 2021, NASA reveals Experts have been using satellite data to monitor Arctic sea ice since 1978 The ice’s extent wax and wanes annually — reaching a minimum in September However, four decades of records have revealed significant … Read more

The return of WINTER! Arctic winds bring SNOW and -1C up north

Arctic winds are set to batter Britain today bringing snow and temperatures of -1C in the north – with the mercury not much higher in the south.   The freezing weather comes just 24 hours after Britons packed beaches and parks all over the country to bask in warm temperatures and enjoy the easing of lockdown.  … Read more

Drone captures stunning footage of a giant reindeer ‘cyclone’ in the Arctic Circle

Breathtaking drone video taken in the Arctic Circle captured a spellbinding reindeer ‘cyclone.’  When threatened, reindeer will begin to stampede in a circle, making it hard for a predator to find an individual target. In the clip, the herd’s fawns and does are in the middle of the swirl with the bucks running around them … Read more

Snow and gale force winds will hit over Easter weekend as ‘Arctic trough’ follows mini-heatwave

Snow and gale force winds could arrive this weekend as recent sunny weather is replaced with an ‘Arctic trough’ – with temperatures for Monday falling as low as 5C.  The Met Office said that despite the almost record-setting March conditions earlier this week, temperatures would decline steadily and by Monday would struggle to reach double … Read more

Polar bear is spotted 300 miles inland from the Arctic coast in Russia

Lost polar bear wanders 300 miles from its natural habitat: Animal is seen running south in Russia – further and further from its food source Footage shows the lost predator running in front of a car on a desolate highway It was 300 miles from the Arctic and heading ever further south towards Yakutsk  Officials … Read more

Putin hails Russian Navy as three of its nuclear missile submarines smash through Arctic ice

A very cold war: Three Russian nuclear missile-carrying submarines surface in the Arctic Circle in fresh show of strength Three nuclear submarines simultaneously broke through Arctic ice and warplanes flew over the North Pole Russia, the US, Canada, Denmark and Norway have been trying to assert jurisdiction over parts of the Arctic  Putin has beefed … Read more

Arctic walrus spotted on Irish coast by five-year-old girl

An Arctic walrus has been spotted on the Atlantic coast of Ireland, the first time one of the animals has been seen in the country since 2004.  The enormous animal was captured on video as it floundered on the rocks of Valentia Island, County Kerry, yesterday.  Exactly how the cow-sized beast arrived in Ireland remains … Read more

Arctic Ocean flowed with fresh water at least TWICE over the last 150,000 years, study reveals 

The Arctic Oceans spans more than five million square miles and although the water is salty, thousands of years ago the vast ocean was a filled with freshwater. Researchers found that the Arctic Ocean as well as the Nordic Seas did not contain sea-salt in at least two glacial periods – once about 70,000 to … Read more

Pollution: Polyester fibres make up almost three quarters of microplastics in the Arctic ocean

Three quarters of the microplastic pollution in the Arctic ocean is made up of polyester fibres from clothing and other textiles, a study has found. Canadian experts sampled seawater from 71 locations, finding that synthetic fibres more broadly make up types 92 per cent of microplastic pollution in the Arctic. Furthermore, sea water in the Arctic … Read more

Icy stare: Arctic fox perfectly blends into its background apart from its piercing orange eyes

Icy stare: Arctic fox perfectly blends into its background apart from its piercing orange eyes An Arctic fox was caught on camera fixing its intense gaze at a photographer The white-furred animal, spotted in Iceland, perfectly blends into the snow But its piercing orange eyes stand out from the background in the amazing snap By Emilia … Read more