Prince William’s response to Meghan Markle racism allegations analysed by body language expert

Prince William showed a desire to ‘stay in control’ and ‘strong emotions’ when he overrode his urge to walk away and hit back against Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s racism allegations, body language expert claims.  During a visit to School2 in east London to promote a children’s mental health programme alongside wife Kate Middleton on Thursday, … Read more

Bible study: Ancient Jewish manuscript analysed using state-of-the-art cameras

State-of-the-art imaging technology has been used to analyse an ancient Jewish manuscript — revealing how it has degraded and been repaired over time. Researchers from Romania used different parts of the light spectra to expose the hidden history of the scroll, which contains chapters from the Hebrew Bible. The findings could help conservators understand how … Read more

Coronavirus swabs should be analysed using ‘pooled testing’, experts say

Coronavirus swabs should be analysed in batches to speed up the Government’s lagging testing programme, experts say. The method, known as pooled testing, involves combining multiple swabs in a batch into a single test tube.  If Covid-19 is not detected in the combined sample, all patients are presumed to be negative. If any viral particles are … Read more

‘Jihadi’ textbook probe descends into farce after researchers analysed Israeli book promoting peace

‘Jihadi’ textbook probe descends into farce: Investigation into literature used in British-funded Palestinian schools is slammed – after researchers analysed Israeli publications promoting peace A joint UK-EU study to provide a ‘thorough review’ of the books was promised Report to be completed in October by Germany’s Georg Eckert Institute Concerns were raised after presentation of … Read more