Badger sparks security scare at MoD ammunition base in Wiltshire after digging its way into base

Can I burrow some bullets? Badger sparks security scare by breaking into ammunition compound at army base Plucky badger broke into Ministry of Defence base after digging under fencing  Animal sparked a security scare at undisclosed ammo compound in Wiltshire Wiltshire Wildlife Hospital confirmed it safely rescued the ‘determined’ badger By Daily Mail Reporter Published: … Read more

Police ammunition is found lying in major London road after falling off roof of armed response car

Police BULLETS are found lying on major London road after bungling armed response officer put them on the roof of his car before driving off Ammunition fell off the roof of a Met Police armed response car in East London Parts of the A13 in Newham are closed after ammunition landed in the busy road  … Read more

Navy’s two aircraft carriers don’t have enough supply ships to stock them with food and ammunition

Navy’s two aircraft carriers do not have enough supply ships to keep them stocked with food and ammunition, experts warn Just one vessel is able to supply the Navy’s biggest ever warships on operations  Labour’s Meg Hillier said the Navy could now end up with a ‘hollowed-out’ force   Officials are now seeking new ways to … Read more

US pledges ammunition and equipment to help Turkey in Syria

America has pledged to give Turkey ammunition and equipment in order to help in the fight against Syrian government forces in Idlib.  James Jeffrey, US envoy to Turkey, said Tuesday that Ankara will also receive humanitarian aid and intelligence briefings because it is a NATO ally. David Satterfield, Washington’s ambassador in Turkey, added that the … Read more