American news outlet trolled for ranking Olympic countries by total medals instead of golds

American news outlets have been mocked for ranking countries at the Tokyo Olympics by total medals won instead of golds. The longstanding practice keeps the US on top of the leaderboard with a two-medal lead as of Tuesday morning, even though China has seven more golds. The New York Times posted a medal count to Facebook … Read more

Retired Olympic swimmer Ian Thorpe questions if cocky American relay team broke a long-standing rule

Did America’s cocky relay team break Olympic swimming rules? Ian Thorpe questions whether US swimmer fell foul of little-known regulation after their dominant win Olympic athlete Ian Thorpe questions if American swimmer broke a rule Zach Apple jumped out of the pool after finishing the freestyle leg in the relay Thorpe said athletes must keep … Read more

Scottish woman discovers on Long Lost Family her birth parents are Native American  

Scottish woman reveals she ‘covered skin in talcum powder’ as a child to be like her white adoptive mother – before discovering her birth parents were Native American on Long Lost Family Adopted woman Paula, from Buckie, appears on Long Lost Family tonight  Says she ‘remembers covering herself in talcum powder’ to be like white … Read more

American Airlines has gone from losing $100 million a day to making $1 million a day

After a 2020 in which American Airlines saw billions in losses, the company has gone from losing $100million a day at the worst of the pandemic to making $1million a day, according to a quarterly investor update on Tuesday.  Still, the nation’s largest airline is projecting a $1.3billion operating loss for the entire period.  ‘While … Read more

Viral video showing young boy pulling up an American flag from a lawn and throwing it the ground

Viral video showing young boy pulling up an American flag from a lawn and throwing it the ground as woman with him looks on and does nothing sparks outrage The clip of the unnamed child was posted online by Ricky Lee on July 8 It showed a little boy on a scooter stopping to rip … Read more

American Airlines passenger duct-taped to seat after trying open plane door biting flight attendant

American Airlines passenger is duct-taped to her seat with her mouth sealed shut after she ‘tried to open plane door and bit a flight attendant’ A female passenger ended up having ‘a mental health episode’ on an American Airlines flight from Dallas to Charlotte  Woman alleged to have attempted to open the door to the … Read more

Passengers on American Airlines flight to Miami forced to put hands on heads for an hour

Frightened passengers aboard American Airlines flight from LA to Miami forced to clamp their hands on their heads for an HOUR warned not to film due to undisclosed ‘security threat’ Passengers on AA 2289 flying from LAX to MIA on Thursday were were asked to keep their hands on their heads and warned not to film due … Read more

American Airlines cancels Bahamas flight after teens refuse to wear masks

American Airlines cancels flight from North Carolina to Bahamas after group of 30 Boston teens refuse to wear their masks Flight 893 was scheduled to depart from Charlotte Douglas International Airport enroute to Nassau on Monday Fellow passengers say a group from Boston, aged 17 and 18, refused to wear their masks as required  The … Read more

American Idol alum Fantasia Barrino brings daughter Keziah home after newborn spent a month in NICU

American Idol alum Fantasia Barrino and husband Kendall Taylor bring baby daughter Keziah home from hospital after newborn spent a month in NICU By Adam S. Levy For Published: 23:47 BST, 22 June 2021 | Updated: 23:50 BST, 22 June 2021 Fantasia Barrino and husband Kendall Taylor have brought their newborn daughter Keziah home … Read more

Senate approves Zahid Quraishi as the first Muslim American federal judge

Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson: Nominee for the United States Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit Brown Jackson is considered by some to be next in line for a Supreme Court nod Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson has served on the U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia since 2013. Prior to joining … Read more