Woman films man harassing her on the street: ‘I’m an alpha’

A woman has shared a scary video of a man harassing her on the street and asking her for her phone number after he followed her out of the subway.  Ally Van Roosen, a 25-year-old pastry chef living in New Jersey, filmed the man as he relentlessly hit on her and refused to take ‘no’ … Read more

Challenger sees off alpha male Dave the Deer in a dramatic boxing match

Stag fight! One-antlered challenger sees off park’s alpha male Dave the Deer in a dramatic boxing match Cara Hewitt filmed fight at Bradgate Park in Charnwood Forest, Leicestershire She is an assistant ranger at the park and was feeding a red deer at the time  A large male with one antler approached, standing up on … Read more

Sigma male archetype akin to the alpha is mocked online

People are mocking a resurfaced classification of men known as the ‘sigma male’ — a ‘lone wolf’ type that is equal to the alpha in the oppressive male hierarchy.  Twitter user @LilySimpson1312 thrust the lesser-known term into the spotlight this week when they shared photos of socio-sexual hierarchy charts, a video about how ‘to become’ a … Read more

Sony offers glimpse of its first Airpeak drone that can carry an Alpha camera

Sony offers first glimpse of its Airpeak drone that can carry an Alpha camera on an adjustable gimbal and capture footage and images from the air Sony unveiled its first Airpeak drone at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) The model features a quadcopter design, with two landing gear extensions It can be equipped with Sony’s … Read more

‘Depressed’ wolf rejected by alpha male’s pack walks constant figure-of-eight pattern in China

‘Depressed’ wolf rejected by alpha male’s pack walks constant figure-of-eight pattern to deal with its loneliness at Chinese zoo Footage of the lone wolf walking the same pattern nonstop has gone viral  The zoo in China said the newly arrived animal had been ejected by a pack  It was ‘a bit depressed’ and was likely … Read more

Nutmeg and JPMorgan launch new Smart Alpha investment portfolio range with ESG integration

Nutmeg joins forces with investing giant JPMorgan to offer users ‘smart’ ethical tracker fund range New partnership between robo-adviser Nutmeg and JPM Asset Management The Smart Alpha range will be run by JPMorgan’s multi-asset solutions team and each portfolio will hold between 10 and 14 exchange traded funds Management fees will range between 0.45 per … Read more

2020 Sony Alpha Awards: Wave image wins the grand prize for Australian and New Zealand photographers

A ‘breath-taking, vast and intimidating’ image of ocean waves crashing has won the top prize in a prestigious photography competition celebrating Australian and New Zealand snappers. Oscar Hetherington, of Otago, New Zealand, was awarded Grand Prize for his submission, titled Backwash, to the fifth annual Sony Alpha Photography Awards. Hetherington’s photograph was chosen from more than 3,000 … Read more