Testing finds ‘alarming flaws’ in effectiveness of popular face masks

Some of the most popular face masks on the market have ‘alarming flaws’, tests show, with the worst only trapping a third of bacterial particles. Consumer group Which? tested a range of popular brands and styles of face coverings and masks for how well they filtered particles, how breathable they were, and how they fared … Read more

Creator of alarming Tom Cruise deepfake videos circulating TikTok warns we ‘can’t stop this tech’

The man behind deepfake videos of Tom Cruise which continue to circulate on TikTok has warned that we ‘need to be prepared’ for this type of technology becoming part of everyday life in the future.  Chris Ume, a visual effects artist from Belgium, runs the ‘deeptomcruise’ account on the video platform, showing what appears to be … Read more

Alarming photos show how Iceland glacier has shrunk in 30 years

Photographs taken in 1989 and 2020 by a father and son reveal how Vatnajökull, one of Europe’s biggest glaciers, has shrunk by about 150 square miles (400 square kilometres) due to climate change.   Dr Kieran Baxter from the University of Dundee followed his father’s footsteps to Iceland more than 30 years on to recreate photos … Read more

CDC’s approach to detecting super-COVID cases is ‘alarming’ former FDA officail

Quickly turning around results of the process to detect the new ‘super-covid’ variant ‘isn’t an urgent need,’ because the findings won’t change how the US handles the pandemic, a CDC official told DailyMail.com.  ‘For less urgent sequencing, when there isn’t an urgent need to get the data turned around quickly, it’s much more efficient to … Read more

Philadelphia saw an alarming spike in emergency room visits for injuries amid stay-at-home orders

Hospitals in Philadelphia saw an alarming spike in emergency room visits for violence and gunshot wounds amid stay-at-home orders due to the coronavirus pandemic, a new study suggests. Researchers found that firearm victims increased by more than 20 percent from mid-March through the end of May compared to years prior. The rise was more than … Read more

Coronavirus: Alarming video reveals virus-laden particles created by singing

Researchers in Australia believe singing, especially in a choir, could spread coronavirus via airborne droplets.  The findings come from a slow-motion video with special LED lighting which shows how otherwise invisible particles shoot from the mouth of a singer.  During an experiment, a person was asked to sing a popular scale and some sounds, such … Read more

WHO says ‘alarming Covid-19 transmission rates’ across Europe are ‘a wake-up call’

WHO says ‘alarming Covid-19 transmission rates’ across Europe are ‘a wake-up call’ as they caution against shortening 14-day quarantine periods Dr. Hans Kluge warned against reducing quarantine period for potential carriers  He acknowledged Covid ‘fatigue’ was setting in with growing public resistance WHO Europe’s 53-country region recorded more than 300,000 confirmed coronavirus cases in the … Read more

Covid infections continue alarming rise with 1,108 cases in last 24 hours

Covid infections have continued rising at an alarming rate with 1,108 people testing positive in the last 24 hours – as the UK recorded 12 more deaths to bring the tally up to 41,498.   The nation’s total number of cases has risen to 332,752 as data shows there are now an average of 1,173 new cases … Read more

LaKeith Stanfield is ‘OK’ after alarming social media posts

‘I’m not harming myself’: LaKeith Stanfield says he’s ‘OK’ following alarming social media posts LaKeith Stanfield has assured fans he’s ‘ok’ following some concerning social media posts  The Get Out actor, 28, took to Instagram on Tuesday to apologize for earlier posts which appeared to hint at intentions of self-harm by the star  Stanfield captioned … Read more

Charity warns of an ‘alarming’ drop in number of over-65s getting diagnosed with dementia

The number of people being diagnosed with Alzheimer’s has dropped during the coronavirus pandemic, figures show. Just 63.5 per cent of over-65s thought to have the cruel memory-robbing disease were listed as being a sufferer in June. In comparison, NHS data shows the rate was 67.6 per cent in February, when Covid-19 started to spread … Read more