Spirit Airlines cancels several US flights because of ‘weather and operational challenges’

Spirit Airlines cancels more than 200 flights in a single day: Thousands of stranded passengers complain of being hot and hungry as they’re forced to sit on airport floors for hours with no idea of when their planes will take off On Monday, Spirit Airlines cancelled over 200 flights throughout the U.S., in addition to … Read more

The best airlines for 2021 revealed: Qatar Airways is No1 overall

Qatar Airways has been named the world’s best airline for 2021 by a leading aviation group.  Australia-based AirlineRatings.com – a website that ranks airlines on safety and in-flight experience – has released its annual round-up of the top 20 global carriers, with the Doha-based airline scoring gold for its cabin innovation, passenger service, and commitment to … Read more

American Airlines has gone from losing $100 million a day to making $1 million a day

After a 2020 in which American Airlines saw billions in losses, the company has gone from losing $100million a day at the worst of the pandemic to making $1million a day, according to a quarterly investor update on Tuesday.  Still, the nation’s largest airline is projecting a $1.3billion operating loss for the entire period.  ‘While … Read more

As airlines cut fares, rail trips will cost staycationers up to three times more than flying

Great train fare robbery: As airlines cut fares, rail trips will cost staycationers up to three times more than flying Four in five long journeys in the UK cost considerably more by train than by plane Which? found that the average mark-up for taking the train was 49 per cent CO2 emission from planes are … Read more

American Airlines passenger duct-taped to seat after trying open plane door biting flight attendant

American Airlines passenger is duct-taped to her seat with her mouth sealed shut after she ‘tried to open plane door and bit a flight attendant’ A female passenger ended up having ‘a mental health episode’ on an American Airlines flight from Dallas to Charlotte  Woman alleged to have attempted to open the door to the … Read more

Passengers on American Airlines flight to Miami forced to put hands on heads for an hour

Frightened passengers aboard American Airlines flight from LA to Miami forced to clamp their hands on their heads for an HOUR warned not to film due to undisclosed ‘security threat’ Passengers on AA 2289 flying from LAX to MIA on Thursday were were asked to keep their hands on their heads and warned not to film due … Read more

American Airlines cancels Bahamas flight after teens refuse to wear masks

American Airlines cancels flight from North Carolina to Bahamas after group of 30 Boston teens refuse to wear their masks Flight 893 was scheduled to depart from Charlotte Douglas International Airport enroute to Nassau on Monday Fellow passengers say a group from Boston, aged 17 and 18, refused to wear their masks as required  The … Read more

Four people are hospitalized after a turbulent Southwest Airlines flight

Four people are hospitalized after a turbulent Southwest Airlines flight from Chicago lands in Salt Lake City Four people were transported to a local hospital from a plane that landed in Salt Lake International Airport following a turbulent flight The passengers were on a Southwest Airlines flight that departed Chicago and landed in Salt Lake … Read more

American Airlines attendant berates passengers who verbally abused crew after flight was diverted

An American Airlines flight attendant called out unruly passengers who became rude and abusive, including one who called a flight attendant ‘a fat gorilla,’ when a plane was diverted due to bad weather.  A Monday flight from Los Angeles to Charlotte was forced to land in Raleigh, North Carolina, before it could continue on the … Read more

Airlines could weighing passengers under new FAA rules

Luggage might not be the only items being placed on scales at airports in the near future as regulators are asking airlines to more accurately estimate how heavy their passengers are.  As part of new safety regulations, the Federal Aviation Administration is requiring airlines come up with new, more in-depth methods of determining passenger and … Read more