Dutch couple move into Europe’s first 3D-printed home which can be built in just FIVE days

A Dutch couple have moved into Europe’s first 3D-printed home – which developers claim can be built from scratch in just five days. Retired Elize Lutz, 70, and 67-year-old Harrie Dekkers’ new home in Eindhoven, in the Netherlands, is a 94-square metre two-bedroom bungalow that resembles a boulder with windows. Despite the curving lines of its grey concrete … Read more

World’s first neighborhood entirely of 3D-printed homes is planned for California’s Coachella Valley

World’s first neighborhood entirely of 3D-printed homes is planned for California’s Coachella Valley and will boast 15 eco-friendly homes that start at $595,000 each California will be home to the world’s first 3D-printed neighborhood It will host 15 homes that feature a backyard with a pool and deck There will be larger units with three … Read more

America’s first 3D-printed house goes on sale in Long Island for $299,000

A 3D-printed house described as America’s first ‘home built by robots’ has gone on sale for $300,000 in New York – with developers boasting that the method could ‘help solve the affordable housing crisis’.  The three-bedroom Long Island property which is made from concrete and comes with two bathrooms and a garage was put together … Read more

British engineers unveil Europe’s first working 3D-printed electric vehicle

A team of British engineers have developed a working electric vehicle from recycled 3D printed materials – and it can reach speeds of up to 45 miles per hour. The battery-powered Chameleon buggy, which weighs 150kg (23 stone), produces no emissions and is about a third the size of an average car – but only … Read more

Decoy 3D-printed turtle egg with tracker helps uncover illegal trade chain in Costa Rica 

A 3D-printed ‘fake turtle egg’ with a GPS tracker inside – placed in sea turtle nests on the beach – has helped conservationists expose the rampant illegal trade in eggs.  Despite an international agreement banning the trade of sea turtle eggs, the trade is still going on, and it can be difficult to trace and … Read more

3D-printed brain implant ‘could be used to treat human patients with paralysis’

3D-printed implants that link human brains to computers and stimulate the spinal cord could be used to treat people with paralysis Researchers built a prototype of the brain chip and tested it on animals   It was effective at detecting and relaying electrical signals from a computer Also functions correctly on surface of the brain, peripheral nerves … Read more

The 3D-printed cage that could spare hundreds of Britons from leg amputations

A 3D-printed ‘cage’ could spare hundreds of Britons disabled by agonising bone fractures from limb amputation. The new metal implant, available on the NHS, replaces bone in the shin and encourages new bone cells to fuse against it. Unlike traditional last-ditch attempts to save crumbling bones in the lower leg, which involve a brace attached … Read more

New 3D-printed AirShield device for plane cabins revealed in fight against coronavirus

The 3D-printed ‘AirShield’ device that bolts on to plane cabin ventilation nozzles and directs passenger breathe droplets downwards to prevent the spread of coronavirus The U.S firm behind it, Teague, says AirShield is ‘a germ isolation system’  The component turns the air from seat nozzles into ‘engineered air-blades’  AirShield is entering its development phase in … Read more

3D-printed transparent mouse skull could be window to studying Alzheimer’s and head injuries

Scientists develop a ‘window to the brain’: 3D-printed ‘skull’ allows experts to peer inside a mouse’s head in real-time and could one day help disorders like Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s The implant can be used to surgically replace part of the animal’s head Mouse brains are similar to humans’ so are useful for medical research Scientists … Read more