Great British Boltholes: A review of Seven Hotel, Southend

Great British Boltholes: Finding Seven heaven at a hip new boutique hotel… in Southend Seven Hotel is a glitzy affair with its gold designer lamps and cool cocktail bar The restaurant, Aurum, serves contemporary dishes often using local produce There are 37 rooms in total divided into cosy, calm and comfy categories By T D … Read more

Ship noise makes crabs vulnerable to predators 

Colour-changing crabs are becoming too stressed by human-created noise to use their camouflage skills to hide from danger, a new study claims. UK scientists observed the behaviour of shore crabs, which can slowly change their shell cover to blend in with rocky shores and hide from predators. But prolonged exposure to the sounds of ships … Read more

Georgia Love and fiancé Lee Elliott throw a lavish engagement party in the Coombe Yarra Valley

They were engaged six months ago after meeting on The Bachelorette in 2016.  And on Sunday, Georgia Love and her fiancé Lee Elliott threw a lavish engagement party in the Coombe Yarra Valley, Victoria.  Georgia, 31, and Lee, 38, threw the bash in the ornate grounds of a lush estate in the picturesque region.  Happy together: … Read more

Coronavirus: Passengers from Italy not checked at UK airports

Passengers arriving from coronavirus-ridden regions of northern Italy said there were no checks on landing in the UK as British Airways, Ryanair and EasyJet are still flying passengers to and from the quarantined regions. Vast swathes of northern Italy are under a strict lockdown as the government tries to battle the rapid spread of the deadly … Read more

Angered mothers slam Amazon for selling “Let’s Make Down Syndrome Extinct” t-shirt 

Eugenics is the belief that society can be improved by encouraging selective breeding. Before the atrocities of Nazi Germany, eugenics – the system of measuring human traits, seeking out the desirable ones and cutting out the undesirable ones – was once practiced the world over.  In the decades following the 1859 publication of Charles Darwin’s … Read more

Prototype contact lenses allow colourblind people to tell green from red

Prototype contact lenses that allow colourblind people to tell green from red without needing a pair of ‘bulky sunglasses’ are being developed The technology involves an ultra-thin material that changes the colour of light The team developed a way to ‘print’ the new material on to a curved surface  It is not commercially available yet … Read more

Geri Horner and daughter Bluebell arrive at the Commonwealth Service

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex are preparing to walk away from the monarchy as Megxit officially begins on March 31. Here is a timeline of the crisis so far in 2020: – January 7: Harry and Meghan return to the UK and visit Canada House in London to thank the country’s high commissioner for … Read more

Tattoo artist, 26, who frequently appeared ‘drunk’, is diagnosed with auto-brewery syndrome

A woman has been diagnosed with a condition that causes her food to turn into alcohol, after her concerned mother noticed that her daughter frequently appeared ‘drunk’. Brooke Kelsch, 47, from Salt Lake City, Utah, first noticed her daughter Alyssa, 26,  had ‘fruity breath’, glossed over eyes, would break into fits of laughter and had slurred … Read more

Italian PM makes impassioned plea for 16 million to obey quarantine

Alarming new pictures show coronavirus patients being treated in intensive care at a hospital in northern Italy, where 16million people are facing quarantine in a drastic new lockdown. The photos show patients surrounded by wires and tubes being treated by medics in full protective suits with gloves, goggles and face masks at the hospital in … Read more

US Navy is developing robot submarines controlled by Artificial Intelligence

US Navy is developing robot submarines controlled by Artificial Intelligence that could be given the ‘power to kill’ without any human input Very little information has been revealed about the AI system known as CLAWS It is thought it could be deployed on the new Orca class of robot submarines It would allow the subs … Read more