ALEX BRUMMER: The Heathrow decision is an act of self-harm to make us all poorer 

Climate-change activists will not be the only ones celebrating the Court of Appeal’s decision to block a new third runway at Heathrow. It saves the Prime Minister Boris Johnson, who once threatened to lie down in front of the bulldozers, from having to make an embarrassing U-turn. It is a great victory for British Airways … Read more

Heavier new cars pump out MORE CO2 than older models

Heavier new cars pump out MORE CO2 than older models despite motor industry claims that the vehicles are better for the environment Consumer experts at Which? found the latest generation of cars emit more CO2  This is largely because new vehicles are often heavier than their predecessors Analysis found emissions linked to harming human health … Read more

Apple CEO Tim Cook says he’s optimistic China is getting coronavirus under control as factories open

Apple CEO Tim Cook has said he’s ‘optimistic’ China is getting coronavirus under control and has pointed to the company ramping up iPhone production as proof. A total of 2,744 people have died in the country out of 78,497 Coronavirus cases but on Monday the number of newly infected people outside the Hubei Province – … Read more

JAN MOIR: Why is it OK to demean Priti Patel just because she’s a Tory?

Priti Patel has been Home Secretary for six months, almost to the day.  She seems to be tough and demanding, which is exactly what we want — well, it is certainly exactly what I want — from the person who wields the big stick in one of the great offices of State at this perilous … Read more

HENRY DEEDES on Michael Gove updating the House on the government’s Brexit strategy 

Michael Gove was charged with updating the House on the Government’s Brexit strategy yesterday. Of course he was. For years the Govester has been the Government’s man for big occasions. The closer, the ‘death’ bowler entrusted with the crucial last overs. Need to rally the troops? Send for Gove! Under the previous lot this was … Read more

SEBASTIAN SHAKESPEARE: Why Charles is the Prince of Sales

Never mind the ‘Kate effect’. Prince Charles is proving just as influential in the world of fashion as the Duchess of Cambridge, as top tailor Emma Willis reveals business has been booming since he started wearing her designs — which include the royal boxer shorts. ‘I’ve been making shirts for him for five-and-a-half years, after … Read more

Britain First leader Paul Golding denies a terror offence following his arrest from Russia trip

Britain First leader Paul Golding has today denied a terrorism offence after he was arrested by anti-terror police at Heathrow on his way back from a trip to Russia.  Golding, 38, is accused of refusing to provide officers from the Met’s Counter Terrorism Command access to his electronic devices last October.  The former BNP councillor, … Read more

Goldsmith who made jewels for the royal family wins £125,000 after NHS surgery

Goldsmith who made jewels for the royal family wins £125,000 after NHS surgery left him suffering from the ‘worst pain known to man’ and without use of his right arm Tony Bellingham was taken to hospital in 2017 after a suspected heart attack 62-year-old had a catheter put into his right arm which ruptured his radial … Read more

The Queen is ‘sensitive’ to what Prince Harry is going through because of Princess Margaret

Queen Elizabeth II has been sympathetic to her grandson Prince Harry’s desire to set out on his own after watching her younger sister Princess Margaret struggle with being in her shadow, according to a royal historian.  Harry, 35, was raised as a royal spare to the heir, just like his late great aunt, who was King … Read more

Drugs are killing TWICE as many people as car crashes

Drugs are killing TWICE as many people as car crashes, sparking calls for police to crack down on county lines gangs who are fuelling the staggering statistic Drug dealers are peddling ‘woke coke’ with claims cocaine is ‘ethically sourced’ New figures reveal deaths due to misuse of substances are the highest on record Constable calls … Read more