How many of these unusual devices can YOU name?

Social media users reveal the unusual devices they’ve struggled to identify including an olive fork and a shaving mug – so, how many can YOU name?

Instantly Modern has rounded up images from around the world of weird itemsAmong the snaps is a Reddit user who mistook a tinderbox for a telephoneAnother image shows a scuttle shaving mug with similarities to a tea cup

Antique shops and neglected attics are often full of strange items, as proven by these weird and wonderful inventions.

Instantly Modern has rounded up snaps from around the world that show unusual devices that people have trouble identifying – including gadgets for shaving, DIY and even everyday kitchen utensils.

One image shows a SnapChat user from Corbridge asking if a tinderbox, traditionally used to store items for a fire, has anything to do with telephones. 

Elsewhere, another person compared a storage container found in an antique shop to a Russian nesting doll.

Here, FEMAIL picks out some of the most tricky to identify inventions…  

Instantly Modern has rounded up a selection of items that are often tricky to identify – including this tinderbox found in Corbridge, which is used to kindle fires (pictured)

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