Are YOU officially posh? New survey reveals 40 definitive signs

Are YOU officially posh? 40 definitive signs revealed from using the terms ‘loo’ and ‘supper’, preferring loose leaf tea and having a loud laugh

Nationwide study delved into what Brits consider to be traits of true ‘poshness’Survey carried out by Perspectus Global found officially posh if call toilet ‘loo’Other findings include being able to ski, having family heirlooms and wine cellar

If you call dinner ‘supper,’ the toilet ‘the loo,’ you have paintings of your ancestors and you eat porridge and grouse, then you are officially posh, according to a new survey.   

A nationwide study by Perspectus Global delved into what Brits consider to be the traits of true ‘poshness’ – and found calling your parents mummy and daddy, even as an adult is a definitive sign.

Owning an Aga, having a loud laugh and driving an old Land Rover Defender also made the list, as did having a wine cellar, calling everyone ‘darling’ and wearing a tweed jacket. 

According to those surveyed, being able to ski, asking people ‘where did you school?’ and calling your pals by their second names also reveal a person’s poshness.

A nationwide study by Perspectus Global delved into what Brits consider to be the traits of true ‘poshness’ – and found wearing a tweed jacket a definitive sign. Pictured, stock image

Other indications of ‘poshness’ included having been to boarding school, knowing Latin, wearing an old, battered Barbour and having a family coat of arms.

The survey also revealed as many as two thirds (65 percent) of Brits know someone who thinks they are posh because they have a bit of cash, yet 81 percent said having money does not make you posh. 

48 percent of us know someone who is properly posh, which according to the survey means they would never say ‘cutlery’, but they know how to properly eat with a knife and fork. 

Someone truly posh would also reject French words such as ‘serviette’, preferring to use the English term ‘napkin.’ 


1. You went to boarding school – 34%

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