Adam Levine apologises for ‘unprofessional’ Maroon 5 gig branded ‘bulls***’ by fans: ‘I let things get to me’

Maroon 5 singer Adam Levine has apologised after appearing “bored” during a concert in Chile.

The frontman posted a lengthy Instagram video explaining why he left so many fans disappointed by his “unprofessional behaviour” at the Vina del Mar festival.

“I am so excited and passionate about concerts and about being my best, and about the band being our best,” he said, adding: “Performing, I take so seriously – sometimes too seriously – and to be totally frank, there were some things holding me back sonically last night and I let them get to me and it impacted how I was behaving on stage, which was unprofessional and I apologise for that.”

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He continued: “Sometimes when those technical problems take place, I zero in and focus as much as I can on singing because I feel like that will be the best way to put this thing out on TV for 60 million people, which was what that show was last night.

“I wanted to sound good number one, and I wanted to look good and feel good number two, because if it doesn’t sound good, what’s the point? I struggled a lot and sometimes it’s really hard for me to mask the struggle and for that, I did let you guys down.”

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1/20 Beyonce

The Demands:

1 Large table for catering dressed with white tablecloths.

Dressing room should be 78 degrees

4 Brand New White Towels in bathroom (2 face & 2 body)

Hot Food:

Juicy Baked Chicken: Legs, Wings & Breast only (Please season with fresh garlic, season salt, black pepper, and Cayenne pepper HEAVILY SEASONED!!)

Steamed Garlic Broccoli

Lightly Seasoned Green Beans

Lightly Seasoned Steamed Spinach

Beyoncé can only have Pepsi products.

1 Case of Aquafina water (half cold, half room temperature)

1 Hot Tea Set up (Please have NEW Coffee Pot)

Sliced Lemons Wedges

Rose scented candles

Lighter for candles

CD player


2/20 Adele

The Demands:

12 Small bottles still (non-carbonated) spring water (at room temperature)

1 Electric kettle for BOILING water

6 Large mugs for tea. All mugs should be new, washed and dried.

6 metal teaspoons

2 “Squeezy” bottles clear honey (not organic)

1 Bottle very best quality red wine (Italian, French or Spanish)

1 Assortment of chewing gum

1 Pack Marlboro Light plus 1 disposable cigarette lighter

1 Small selection fresh fruit, to include bananas, apples, grapes, fresh berries NO CITRUS FRUIT!

1 Small plate of assorted freshly made, individually wrapped sandwiches, to include chicken salad. Sandwiches must NOT contain tomatoes, vinegar, chili or citrus fruit


3/20 Kanye West

The Demands:

1 Tub Plain Yogurt for dipping

4 small Yoplait Yogurt

1 Bowl of assorted nuts

1 Bowl of Sunkist Salted Pistachio Nuts (No Red Coloring)

2 Packs of Extra Chewing Gum

1 Bottle of Hot Sauce (Tabasco, Caribbean Type)

1 Box of Toothpicks

1 750 ml bottle of Hennessey Liquor

1 750 ml bottle of SKY or Absolut Vodka

1 Bottle of Patron Silver Tequila

4 Six Packs of Heineken Beer

Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty, David Parsons/iStock

4/20 Rihanna

The Demands:

5 AC power outlets

Adequate lighting for a “relaxed atmosphere”

White drapes to cover lockers and/or brick

1 Humidifier

1 Large throw rug — plush and animal print (Cheetah, Leopard) … must be CLEAN, as she will walk on it barefoot.

Pipe and Drape the room in Dark Blue or Black drapes with Icy Blue Chiffon draped nicely on top

6 Candles — Archipelago Black Forest (if you can’t get these, please let me know ASAP as we have a 2nd choice of candle for Ri).

4 Small, clear, square vases with White Tulips, no foliage (2nd choice: White Casablanca Lilies no foliage, 3rd choice: White Freesia, no foliage)

5/20 Katy Perry

The Demands:

Arrangement of pink fresh flowers. White and purple hydrangeas, pink & white roses and peonies. If not available, seasonal white flowers to include white orchids–ABSOLUTELY NO CARNATIONS.

A box of Huggies baby nature care wipes

6 Vitamin waters zero, assorted flavors

Bowl of whole fresh organic grown fruit (apples, bananas, oranges and grapes)

Plate of fresh-cut Crudités (to include cucumber, broccoli, cauliflower, carrots, snap peas, celery) w/ ranch dip

Snyder’s of Hanover Honey Mustard & Onion Pretzel

Jar of Salsa

Baked (blue corn if possible) Tortilla Chips

Freeze dried strawberries

2 bottles of Santa Margarita Pinot Grigio

Throat coat, Twinnings Chamomile PG tips and Mint medley tea.

Fuze slenderize assorted flavors

A jar of quality honey

Plastic drinking straws

AFP/Getty Images

6/20 Paul McCartney

The Demands:

All lamps must be halogen floor lamps with dimmer switch.

Only animal free materials (cottons, denims, velour, etc.)

Do not provide furniture made of any animal skin or print.

Do not provide artificial versions of animal skin or print either.

No leather seating is allowed in the black stretch limousine either.

Arrange for a dry cleaner before arrival.

6 Full and leafy floor plants, but no trees.

We want plants that are just as full on the bottom as the top such as palm, bamboo, peace lilies, etc. No tree trunks!

$50.00 – One large arrangement of white Casablanca lilies with lots of foliage.

$40.00 – One long stemmed arrangement of pale pink and white roses with lots of foliage.

$35 One arrangement of freesia. It comes in various colors so please mix them up. Freesia is a favorite.

20 dozen clean towels outside of the production office


7/20 Mariah Carey

The Demands:

Each room must be draped. Black drapes are fine.

The entry door should open into the living room space, not the dressing room.

Temperature should be about 75 degrees.

1 Three Seat Couch — Plain Color, no busy patterns; black, dark grey, cream, dark pink are fine

12 1 Liters of Fiji Water

3 Bottles Chardonnay — Chilled

12 Coke

12 Diet Coke

12 Vanilla Protein Drinks

6 Sparkling Water (Pellegrino)

12 Melon Flavor Gatorade

6 Red Wine Glasses

6 White Wine Glasses

4 Joe Malone Vanilla Candles

2 Vases White Roses

Fried Chicken (warm)

12 Small Bottles water (room temperature)

3 Whole lemons and honey

Sugarless gum


8/20 Eminem

The Demands:

25 pound dumbbells

24-Diet Coke 16oz plastic bottles

12 Diet Coke 12oz cans

6 Verner ginger ale soda (or Schweppes)

48 Daisani, Poland Spring 12oz bottles “NO Evian”

1 Loaf white bread

1 Loaf wheat bread

6 Lunchables snacks (3 turkeys & 3 ham with cheese)

6 Cans Red Bull

16 Cans Sugar-Free Red Bull

Large fresh jumbo shrimps with cocktail sauce and plenty of lemons

1 Jar of banana pepper rings

Getty Images

9/20 Grace Jones​

The Demands:

6 Bottles of Louis Roederer Cristal Champagne

3 Bottles of French Vintage red wine (e.g. St Emilion, Medoc, Bordeaux)

3 Bottles of French Vintage white wine (e.g. Sancerre, Pouilly Fuisse)

2 Dozen Findeclare or Colchester Oysters on ice (unopened)—(Grace does her own shucking.)

2 Sashimi and Sushi platters for 8 people

6 Fresh lemons

1 Bottle of Tabasco sauce

1 Fresh fruit platter for 8 people

6 Bottles of Coca Cola

12 Bottles of still and sparkling water

12 Bottles of fresh fruit juices

Wine glasses, champagne flutes, tumblers (all glass, no plastic)

Cutlery and sharp knife

1 Oyster knife

1 Make up mirror (no neon strip lighting, only opaque white bulbs)

Fresh towels, clothes hangers, clothes rail

3-4 Bunches of flowers—prefer lilys and orchids

Sofa and arm chairs

Andy Sturmey

10/20 Drake

The Demands:

Four dozen natural-scented incense sticks

Dr. Bronner’s peppermint soap

Pork-free food

E-Z Wider rolling papers and a pack of Dutch Master President cigars

Pinot Grigio


Bottles of Jack Daniel’s

Patron Silver tequila

Nivea chapstick

A bottle of Hennesey or Courvoisier

Grey Goose

Andis T-Outliner trimmers

Extra sets of speakers


11/20 Jack White

The Demands:

1 dozen chicken wings (buffalo, teryaki, suprise us)


8 champagne flutes (real glass)

8 wine glasses (real glass)

8 highball glasses (real glass)

1 hummus & pita chips

iPod player with sufficient volume control

NO fluorescent lighting

PLEASE NOTE: This is a NO BANANA TOUR. (Seriously)


12/20 Madonna

The Demands:

200-person entourage

2o international phone lines

Her backstage room must look exactly like her own home (that means she ships around her furniture)

Special flower-scented fabric

Actual flowers

Personal chef who prepares only vegan foods

Her own dry-cleaning service


13/20 Alicia Keys

Alicia Keys performs at the UEFA Champions League Final


14/20 Jay Z

The Demands:

7 sets of metal silverware

1 Lighter

3 Glade Candles (French Vanilla, Rain shower, Wild Berry, Tangerine Ginger)

3 Cans of Chunk White Tuna

10 Nutri-Grain Bars (Blueberry, Cherry, Apple, Strawberry)

6 Individual Packets of Quaker Oats Instant Oatmeal (Brown Sugar and Apple Cinnamon)

1 Assorted Fruit Platter with strawberries, seedless red grapes, bananas, mango, blueberries, cantaloupe and raspberries

2 Cases of beer (one imported and one domestic; brands preferred: Amstel Light, Corona, Bud, Bud Light or local beer)

3 menus for local seafood and Italian restaurants to order meals for Alicia


15/20 Mary J. Blige​

The Demands:

2 Humidifiers

10 medium prewashed bath sized towels


10 1.5 liter bottles of FIJI water (absolutely, positively must be FIJI)

6 cans of Diet Dr. Pepper

6 cans of Schweeps Ginger Ale

2 packs of Mentos — cinnamon fresh only

6 cans of Red Bull energy drink

6 bottles of Black Cherry Propells in sports bottle

8 sets of silverware

24 napkins

1 tub of clean ice

Getty Images

16/20 Lady Gaga

The Demands:

2 Bottles of white wine with wine opener — Kendall Jackson or Robert Mondavi preferred

1 Pack of Straws

1 Cushioned office style chair

TV with cable and a DVD player

1 Rolling clothing rack

4 Unscented candles

Cool-mist humidifier

3 fans

Tea kettle, organic ginger and lemongrass tea and honey are very important.

1 4 pack of Red Bull Light (on ice)

2 Bottles of Green Tea

1 Container of Guacamole

Hot dogs (Yves veggie dogs eaten with toothpicks)

A smoothie station (with frozen berries, fuze and whey protein or non-fat Greek yogurt) Blender needed

1 Plate of cheese (non-smelly, non-sweaty on ice) with whole wheat/healthy crackers

A mix of assorted fresh fruit (cut and must have edible skin OR edible seeds OR citrus)


17/20 Cher

The Demands:

1 Wig Room

1 Room for Dr. Stacey

1 bottle of fine red wine (No Kendall Jackson)

1 bottle of fine white wine (No Kendall Jackson)

4 Cokes

4 Diet Cokes

1 coffee table

1 end table for the phone to be placed on

TV with VCR with a cable Hook up. Please make sure we can get the following channels: Turner Classic Movies or AMC

18/20 Taylor Swift

The Demands:

If arriving before 11 a.m., the following from Starbucks:

1 Grande ICED Caramel Latte w/ 2 sweet-n-lows

1 Grande ICED Americano w/ 2 sweet-n-lows with soy milk

1 slice pumpkin loaf

1 Stick Butter

3 Boxes Kraft Macaroni/Cheese

2 Four Packs of Red Bull

1 12 Pack Corona Beer

1 12 Pack New Castle Beer

1 Bottle Welch’s Grape Juice

1 Avocado

1 Bag of Twizzlers red licorice

1 Case of Smart Water

1 Pint Ben & Jerry’s Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Ice Cream

1 Pint Ben & Jerry’s Chocolate Brownie Frozen Yogurt

19/20 Iggy Pop

The Demands:

A copy of USA Today that’s got a story about morbidly obese people in it

6 bottles of Grolsch or decent local beer

F——— loads of good red wines

6 large bottles of good quality sparkling water

3 cases x 12 oz bottles of still mineral water

6 bottles of alcohol free beer

1 case of big bottles of good, premium beer

A bottle of vodka

Cauliflower/broccoli, cut into individual florets and thrown immediately into the garbage. I f——— hate that

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