Tree almost crushes female driver to death

Terrifying moment a female driver is almost crushed to death after a huge tree crashes down on top of her 4WD in the middle of a wild storm

Perth woman lucky to be alive after massive tree crushes her car in a wild storm The incident was caught on camera as the 4WD is crushed by the falling tree

Bystanders fled to the woman’s aid who miraculously wasn’t hurt in the incident  

Terrifying dashcam footage has emerged of the moment a massive tree crushes a car during a wild storm. 

The video, taken during Tuesday’s wild weather in Perth, shows a 4WD crawling along in the rain before a giant tree falls on top of it. 

Bystanders can be seen jumping from their cars and rushing toward the crushed car in pouring rain before the footage cuts off. 

ABC News reported one woman was trapped in the vehicle for ‘some time’ before being freed. 

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