Tory Caroline Nokes slams Boris Johnson over past ‘ill-judged’ remarks

Tory equalities committee chairman Caroline Nokes accuses Boris Johnson of making ‘really ill-judged’ remarks about women and ethnic minorities

Tory MP Caroline Nokes was sacked as immigration minister by Boris Johnson Today she accused the PM of making ‘really ill-judged’ comments in the past She also urged Mr Johnson to ‘think very carefully’ about the impact of his words 

A leading Tory backbencher has accused Boris Johnson of making ‘really ill-judged’ comments in the past and told him to ‘think very carefully’ about the impact his words have on women and ethnic minorities.

Caroline Nokes, the chairman of the Commons Women and Equalities Select Committee, has also warned Britain has become less tolerant with a ‘massive rise in hate crimes’.

Ms Nokes, who was sacked as immigration minister by Mr Johnson when he became Prime Minister in July 2019, expressed concern at controversial comments he has made.

Mr Johnson drew sharp criticism for comparing women who wear burkas to letterboxes and bank robbers in a newspaper column after he quit as foreign secretary.

He has also been attacked for previously describing black people as ‘pickaninnies’ with ‘water melon smiles’ and referring to gay men as ‘bum boys’.

Caroline Nokes, pictured in Downing Street in May 2019, is now the chairman of the Women and Equalities Select Committee. She has attacked Boris Johnson in an interview with The House magazine

Ms Nokes told The House magazine: ‘I think that it is incumbent on the Prime Minister to think very carefully about what he is saying and the impact it could have on certain communities, on different ethnicities, on women.

‘I think his comments have been really ill-judged, and the one that stands out to mind was the comment about letterboxes.

‘And I have always held the view that it’s not for any man to tell any woman what she should wear – advice that I would sometimes shout at my own father when he comments on what I’m wearing.

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