Stroppy baby orangutan is dragged around his safari park home by his nonplussed mother 

He’s throwing an oranguTANTRUM! Stroppy baby ape is dragged around his safari park home by his nonplussed mother

Three-year-old Berani showed off his cheeky side while playing with mother Sari at Pairi Daiza zoo in BelgiumYoungster didn’t want to do as he was told but still planted a kiss on his doting mother after a mini tantrum The orangutan family also includes father Ujian and arrived at the award-winning zoo in 2017 from Germany


An adorable baby orangutan was less than impressed when his mother had to pull him away from playtime at Pairi Daiza zoo in Belgium.

Three-year-old Berani was dragged along the floor by doting mum Sari as he threw a tiny tantrum, but the pair quickly made up with the youngster planting a kiss on his parent.

Other snaps of the playful orangutan show him snuggling under a yellow blanket and enjoying a refreshing sip of water after working up a thirst from making mischief. 

Photographer, Koen Hartkamp, captured the delightful moment during a visit to the park, which works to raise awareness of palm oil exploitation and participates in projects to restore the Borneo forest for orangutans. 

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