Passengers scatter as brawling yobs throw punches and insults in Gatwick arrivals hall

‘Get the police!’: Terrified passengers scatter as brawling yobs throw punches and insults in Gatwick airport arrivals hall before onlookers step in to separate them

Two groups of men clashed at Gatwick’s north terminal at 7.50pm on TuesdayOne witness said other passengers ‘were running off in terror, thinking the worst’Members of the public eventually step in to usher the groups toward the exit

Passengers at Gatwick Airport were forced to break up a fierce clash between two groups of men who started brawling in the arrivals hall.

Shocking footage shows the yobs throwing punches, spitting and shouting insults at each other during the fight which happened in the north terminal at 7.50pm on Tuesday.

One witness who recorded the fight but wished to remain anonymous said: ‘It was scary, punches were flying and one of the men had a bottle. People were running off in terror, thinking the worst.’ 

The scuffle was eventually broken up by onlookers who were able to separate the two groups.  

The video starts as two men, both wearing grey tracksuit bottoms and black jackets, begin to size each other up.

They briefly move out of shot as their trainers squeak across the floor before they reappear, barging into each other and crashing into barrier next to the toilets.

A third man, dressed all in black, strides towards them and starts throwing punches.

One panicked woman in the background can be heard shouting ‘get the police’ before a man wearing a red jumper and lanyard walks between the fighting group. 

One of the men, pictured in grey tracksuit bottoms and a black jacket, is first seen sizing up his opponent

Shocking footage shows two groups of men shouting, spitting and punching during a brawl outside the international arrivals at Gatwick airport north terminal on Tuesday night

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