Fishing guide films the epic moment an enormous crocodile devoured a cow floating in a river

Epic moment an enormous crocodile devours a cow floating in a river in front of shocked American tourists

 A fisherman from Cairns found a four-metre-long crocodile feeding on a cow  Kim Andersen was guiding two Americans on a fishing trip when they spotted it  He filmed the crocodile devouring the cow it found floating in the Daintree River

A sports fishing guide has captured the moment a huge crocodile devoured an entire cow in front of two awe-struck American tourists. 

Kim Andersen, from Cairns, was taking the two Alaskan men down the Daintree River on Thursday morning when he spotted the four-metre-long crocodile. 

He told Daily Mail Australia that his passengers were left ‘in awe’ of the beast. 

A fisherman from Cairns captured the moment a crocodile (pictured) chomped into a floating cow while he was taking two Alaskan men on a fishing cruise of the Daintree River  

Mr Andersen said he was guiding the two men, Lloyd and Michael, on a fishing trip when they noticed a cow floating beside the riverbank.  

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