Council holds referendum on whether to hike tax to tackle climate change

Warwick District Council holds referendum on whether to hike tax by 34 per cent to fund £3million climate change drive

Warwick District Council holding referendum on council tax rise for climate driveLocal authority will be the first in the country to hold referendum for the purposeIt intends to fund a £3million drive to make the area carbon neutral by 2030 

A referendum will be held on whether a local authority should become the first in the country to hike council tax to fund a climate change drive.

Warwick District Council wants to become carbon-neutral itself by 2025, and make the entire district carbon-neutral by 2030.

It says it needs to raise £3million a year to fund the plan – which would mean increasing council tax by the equivalent of £1 per week for a Band D household. 

That is equivalent to around 34 per cent of its portion of the levy.

People from the district’s main towns of Leamington, Warwick, Whitnash and Kenilworth, as well as nearby villages, will be asked to approve the programme at the ballot box on May 7.

Warwick District Coouncil wants to make the area it covers carbon neutral by 2030 and is asking residents to vote for a tax hike to help make that happen 

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