Warburtons set to turn wonky crumpets into BEER in a battle to stop food waste

I’ll toast to that! Warburtons launches its first ever BEER made from wonky crumpets in a bid to tackle food waste

The UK retailer is now selling the 4.2 per cent IPA, called The Toasted Crumpet It is made from wonky crumpets that don’t make the cut into their packetsBeer is the shop’s first non-baked product in its 140 plus year history  

Bakery giant Warburtons has revealed an unlikely move into the brewing industry with the launch of an IPA made from ‘wonky’ crumpets, in order to fight food waste. 

The UK retailer is now selling the 4.2 per cent IPA, called The Toasted Crumpet, which is made from surplus crumpets that didn’t quite make the cut.

Made by replacing the malted barley in the beer with crumpets, the light session IPA is Warburtons first non-baked product in its 140-year history. 

The beer is currently only available from Warburtons’ website, which cost £28 for 12 330ml bottles. 

There’s also a £6.99 in a standard delivery fee per case, meaning shoppers are paying £2.75 a bottle. 

Bakery giant Warburtons have unveiled the first ever beer brewed from crumpets, in a new initiative to fight food waste

Warburtons told Femail the beer may be rolled out of a larger scale if there’s enough consumer demand. 

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