Bill Turnbull loses his ear piece contact lenses and teeth presenting GMB turning studio into chaos

Bill Turnbull is ‘having one of those days!’: GMB thrown into chaos after Piers Morgan’s stand-in loses earpiece during break – leaving TV crew scrabbling around on the floor

Bill, 64, is standing in for regular presenter Piers this week while he has a break Good Morning Britain crew had to look for his earpiece when he misplaced itOne ‘eagle-eyed’ producer found it hidden between his scripts to his relief  

This is the hilarious moment the Good Morning Britain studios were turned upside down in a bid to find presenter Bill Turnbull’s earpiece. 

Bill, 64, is standing in for regular host Piers Morgan this week while he takes a break. 

Viewers were delighted to see him return to their screens on Monday after he was diagnosed with prostate cancer in 2017.

But this morning he had ‘one of those Wednesdays’, revealing he lost his contact lenses, before joking his false teeth had disappeared ahead of the programme.

To make matters worse, he managed to lose his earpiece during one of the ad breaks, with the whole GMB crew forced to search for it before they came back on air. 

Bill Turnbull, 64, is standing in for regular host Piers Morgan this week while he takes a break. He is pictured centre with co-hot Susanna Reid right and Ranvir Singh left 

His co-host Susanna, who previously worked with him on the BBC Breakfast show, told the audience: ‘You know they call Wednesday hump day? 

‘Bill is really having one of those Wednesdays. You’d forgotten to put your teeth in and you were having trouble reading.’

Bill chimed in: ‘I hadn’t got my contact lenses in, so I was having to wear glasses, then the earpiece popped out during the break.’

The programme then re-played footage from during the advert break when dozens of crew members were drafted in to help find the earpiece. 

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