Imagine Picasso: Immersive installation takes visitors on a ‘poetic voyage’ through his art

Breaking free from the traditional format and structure of conventional art exhibitions is at the heart of what the new immersive installation Imagine Picasso is all about.

The creators of the exhibition, Annabelle Mauger and Julien Baron, wanted to explore a new way of looking at Pablo Picasso’s work. With the help of French architect Rudy Ricciotti, their exhibition lets visitors wander among digital versions of his paintings, projected on asymmetrical origami-style blocks.

Ricciotti’s asymmetrical 3D shapes “decompose” the paitings, allowing them to be seen differently, said the exhibition’s curator Androula Michael.

“I saw details that I have never noticed before,” she said.

More than 200 versions of Picasso works are included in this new exhibition, which opened its doors to the public on Thursday at Lyon’s exhibition space, La Sucriere.

Mauger said she was looking to break free from the traditional conventions of displaying art and explore a different way of looking at a Picasso.

“Picasso, when he was asked how his paintings should be displayed, he would say ‘badly, we have to display them badly.'”

Mauger said that the modules — the 3D shapes created by Ricciotti on which the artworks are projected — allowed her to “avoid all gravity”.

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